Friday, October 7, 2011

Five on Friday: Favorite Childhood TV Shows

I have found that the younger folks at work have no appreciation for the shows I grew up midly obsessed with, it makes me realize that my childhood favorites are not even close to the childhood favorites of those that are 5 years older than me or 5 years younger than me.  I feel a little old and parent like for the following statement, but here goes nothing.  Growing up, I really felt like the shows I watched were appropriate for the family to watch together, they were age appropriate, and these days even when I turn to ABC Family I end up embarassed and make a mental note to never watch that show with my daughters...but of course the shows of their generation will be radically different than what is on the small screen today, let alone what was popular when I was growing up, so I thought it would be fun to detail out our five favorite childhood TV shows...feel free to link up and share yours in the comments.

1) Family Ties - doesn't love Alex P. Keaton - man oh man I had a crush on Alex P. Keaton

2) The Cosby Show - Heathcliff Huxtable - now, he was the man! I still laugh while watching Cosby Show reruns - what a great show!

3) Saved By The Bell - Zack Morris, holy toledo I absolutely adored him, he was a snappy dresser back in the day, but looking back, yikes. And his cell phone - the size of my thigh, huge. I loved the episode when they formed a group, Hot Sundae, filmed a music video and Jessie was addicted to pills and she had a break down, I can still rock out to their hit song

4) Doogie Howser, MD - I happen to be a HUGE fan of Neil Patrick Harris, I loved him then and I love him now as Barney Stinson on How I Met Your Mother.  I loved that the show always ended with a journal entry on his computer - I kept a journal on my computer just like Doogie...

5) Growing Pains - Kirk Cameron - be still my beating heart, he used to get me all hot and bothered...oh wait, as a 10 year old I sure as heck wasn't getting all hot and bothered, but I did happen to have TEEN BEAT magazine photos of him on my wall - I absolutely loved the show. Boner was one of my favorites, he cracked me up.

Honorable Mention:

*Golden Girls - hilarious, still to this day the reruns crack me up.
*Charles in Charge - loved it
*America's Funniest Home Videos - again, hilarious - I catch Brad watching it today and he usually has tears streaming down his face from all the laughter.
*Coach - Dobber was the bomb diggity
*Full House - I was a big fan of Uncle Jesse, I thought Uncle Joey was a goofball in the early days, but he really grew on me.
*Just the Ten of Us - TGIF was a staple in our house on Friday Nights
*Mr. Belvedere - not sure what the draw was for this one, but I recall really looking forward to it.
*Punky Brewster - come to think of it, I see some similarities to the outfits Avery picks out and the ones that Punky sported on the show
*Roseanne - hilarious, Roseanne was a grouchy woman who happened to be a comedic genius
*MASH - shocking, not a family show, but I loved it and looked forward to it every night, I would postpone my bath every night to watch MASH. I think it was the quick wit and fast moving dialogue that kept me entertained.
*Who's the Boss - I just wish Tony and Angela would have made out - of course I probably wasn't thinking that at 10 years of age, but looking back I wish they would have.  Mona reminded me of a wrinkled lady from Jersey.

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