Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fall Carnival Day

The girls had their Fall Carnival today at school...and turns out they had a blast! Trying to get them to pose for a photo this morning was not all that successful. Oh well, we will try again another day!

Olivia told me all about sticking her hands in gross stuff, including but not limited to: jello, cold pasta and ice cubes (not sure what the cubes were for, but I imagined they tried to tell them the pasta was brains). I remember putting my hands in grapes and people telling me they were eye balls....ick.

Avery said that she played and had fun and that Ms. Susan made her hair pretty, but that was about the extent of her Carnival details. She did happen to remind me several times this evening that "poop" is a bad word. Glad they are reinforcing that at school too...potty mouth is just not becoming on a pretty little girl.  I do have to chuckle when she says "Butt" with force though....she loves using the word "butt" but with a love of strength behind it - cracks me up.

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