Sunday, October 16, 2011

Just Us Girls

Brad is at the Redskins/Eagles game today with Brian, Molly and I gave them tickets for their Birthdays, and apparently they have GREAT seats (picture me patting myself on the back).  The girls and I enjoyed the beautiful weather by playing outside a bit this morning and then having a picnic at the park with Molly & Campbell. And of course this morning, when it was still chilly out, we entertained ourselves inside with a little finger painting. Finger painting went well until I heard them start to "wash their hands" with finger paint, imagine the sound of soap sloshing between their hands when they are getting ready to was them, and then substitute finger paint for soap...messy.

Molly had the brilliant idea of grabbing McDonald's on the way to the park instead of packing PB&J...GENIUS! So we snagged some Happy Meals (It is Pumpkin Happy Meal Time - love them) and spread out a blanket and ta-da, a fancy schmancy picnic.

I attempted to get a photo of the 3 girls together, but no luck, someone was blurry in every single one, so I had to settle for individual shots to capture our memory.

I always feel bad that I don't take the girls to the park more often, they love it and outside of Avery falling off the structure and hitting her head and Olivia getting a bloody lip, they had a great time and my hope is that it wore them out so that nap time will be quiet and long.

FX is playing girlie movies all afternoon and I can feel a cold coming on, so I don't foresee much productivity in my near future. 27 Dresses is entertaining me right this second and I am scouring the WWW for amazing fonts to whip up a few super affordable wall art pieces for Olivia's Room.

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