Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

Campbell, Avery, Olivia & Maggie

Tonight was a bit rushed in the photo taking department, the rain was moving in and we were trying to get the trick or treating underway so that we could at least visit a few houses before the rain put a damper (pun intended, get it? damp....rain...damper....ha!) on the evening.  
Juliette, Olivia, Zack & Avery

I didn't get a single photo of Avery with her hood up - she looked so cute.

And Olivia, this photo doesn't do her justice, she was a great Super Woman. My Mom asked if she wanted to be Super Woman or Super Girl and Olivia just looked up and said "Wo-MAN", it was hilarious.

And Damon gets the kudos for the best photo opportunity of the night...what a cute dragon huh?

Brad and the neighbors took the kids around to a few houses while my Mom and I stayed behind to hand out candy, and I got started on a organization project that I am uber excited about.  Avery has already told me that next year she is going to be Cookie we shall see what next year brings. 

Update: I forgot I had snapped this photo of the girls this morning before we left for school...finally a shot of Avery with her hood up. Awful quality, but that is all about to change, the iPhone is in my future, I placed the order on Saturday and can't wait to get my hands on that 8MP Camera...

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