Tuesday, October 18, 2011

First: First Chaperoning Experiece

Two field trips in two weeks for Miss Olivia and this time I was able to join in the fun! My very first chaperoning experience and it was everything I had hoped it would be and more.  When I was younger I wasn't so sure I was going to have children, and by younger, I mean even the first few years after college. I just wasn't sure I was cut out to be a Mom and wasn't sure that was the direction I wanted my life to go, but even then, the one thing I was certain of, was should I decide to have children, I was going to be the Mom that took time away from he office (I never pictured myself as a SAHM, always saw myself working) to share special events with my children, whether it be a Thanksgiving Play they star in, a soccer game or a field trip to the pumpkin patch...and today was the big day, my chaperoning debut.

The kids were ecstatic to be taking another school bus ride, they could have taken the bus load to get flu shots and the kids would have still been grinning from ear to ear.  Both 4 year old classrooms made the trip today and several parents joined in the fun.

It was such a great feeling to see Olivia's excitement.  I can imagine if I volunteer to chaperon another event when she is 10 she will be less than thrilled to see me tagging along, but today she was all about her Mommy and it warmed my heart, I could hold that girls hand and walk for hours.

We took the hay ride out to the Pumpkin Patch, picked pumpkins and then made our way back to the farm to enjoy some of the activities.  They performed a little play to illustrate the pumpkin life cycle and used characters named Jack and Jill, and when Jack (dressed as a Pumpkin) came out, Olivia lost her mind! She is terrified of people dressed in costumes when she can't see their faces, I can imagine Disney is going to be a real treat....yikes.

I thought this photo was just priceless.  Olivia's closest friend in her class, Johanna (sitting next to her) was our buddy for the day, she is just as cute as can be, and she was happy to hold my hand and spend the morning with Olivia and I.

The highlight for Olivia and the majority of her class was playing in the corn...I think we had an entire ear of corn in her shoes tonight when we took them off.
It is always eye opening as a parent to spend time with a group of children your daughters age. It helps give you perspective on what is age appropriate, what is normal behavior and what is unique to your child.  Today confirmed one of my suspicions...on a "scared" scale...Olivia is tipping the scale, she is far more afraid than her peers and appears to be more sensitive than most. Information like this is very helpful, and what I have learned while reading "Raising your Spirited Child" is that information like this is key in helping me be a better parent to her, this information isn't and shouldn't be used to try and change her, it is all about how I can use the information to make life easier for both of us.

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