Thursday, October 20, 2011

Si-Ya-Nara Clutter

Not our house - but I am impressed someone owns that many folding tables

I can't wait to get all of this extra clutter out of my house.  We are having a yard sale on Saturday and everything is just laying around our house and our garage, just waiting for the clock to strike 7am on Saturday so it can take up temporary residence on our front lawn.  I am just very much hoping that the weather holds out, that the grass is dry and that since we are building it, people actually come.  There is a lot of pressure this time around to do it right. We have made a rather large decision to sell all of our Baby Stuff, from clothes to toys to equipment, it is all for sale and going out with the rest of the stuff on Saturday Morning.  And boy oh boy do we have the stuff. I can't wait to snap some photos for you, but right now our garage is barely navigatable, our 4th bedroom is overflowing and the 3rd floor family room area is just consumed with stuff waiting to be sold to a deserving, bargain hunting soul. 

I am hoping that the online advertising I did helps draw some folks to our neck of the woods.  I am also hoping that other homes in our neighborhood join in the party, it is always more powerful to yard sale in the masses, but the other side of that coin is, without the other homes participating, I don't have much competition...people will be forced to look at my stuff because its the only stuff to look at.

Wish us luck. I will make sure I snap some photos early Saturday morning and then again when we close out the day so you can see how much stuff is now in a new home.  Please pray people want our stuff, I don't want it coming back in our house, so I foresee a trip to the Goodwill in our future.

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