Saturday, October 29, 2011

Genius Invention: Scanner

Oh I love our Scanner, it has given me some freedom that I never imagined I would have, the freedom to toss old photographs, but afforded me the luxury to save them in a non-clutter forming device, called our laptop....halla-lu-ya, this device is GENIUS.

 Like this one, a photo of my Gramps and I at my Cousin Kevin's Wedding in 2002

Or this one of Brad & Riley  in Corolla, North Carolina, when Riley was just a puppy - September 2005

November 1981 - so I was approaching 3 Years Old

 My Bachelorette Party Bike Ride through the streets of Cape May, New Jersey with Mimosas in our Solo Cups

This one just makes me smile, it reminds me of so many Summers that my dear friend Theresa and I spent counting down the days until we could spend a week at the Lake with her family - we always had a blast - this photo is likely taken before the boat started taking on water during a huge storm and likely before I started singing my favorite Catholic Hymns (Though the Mountains May Fall tops the list for me) 

 And this one, this is Mike, Mike was one of Brad's dear friends and fraternity brothers who passed away very suddenly in March of 2009, I love finding photos of him, makes me happy and sad at the very same time. 

And one of the best piles of photos I found was the pile that focused on our house and the moving in stage, how the rooms looked, a few changes we made over the years, but most of them are from 2005-2006 so I plan to reveal a room at a time to compare them to present, and then we can go from there, a little house tour if you will...we still have so many changes we would like to make, but its always fun to look back, I will start the first room reveal this coming week...

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