Tuesday, October 25, 2011


So in both my personal and professional lives I had a few Go/No-Go decisions to make today and let's just say, so far I haven't issued a GO, more like a big fat No-Go and a "hmmmm, I don't have enough information to make a decision yet, please keep the info coming so I can feel comfortable saying go, because I really don't have an option to say no-go".

And if you are quick on the uptake, and hip to my game, you are well ahead of me, the slipcovers are a big fat  No-Go.  Molly and I worked up a sweat tonight trying to straighten them out, it was our cardio for the week, and while we made it look much better, the way I had it all rigged in the back, there is no other option than to keep it against the wall, which doesn't work for our room all the time, sometimes the love seat acts as a room divider, so a messy back isn't an option...

So while I am devastated these didn't pan out, I am not giving up hope, one of these days we will have new comfy sofas to rest our bums on...like this bugger, can't you just see us all snuggled up on this gem?

I think this bugger might be my dream sofa...but good grief I can't imagine paying north of $6,000 for a sofa, so I am guessing we will land in the do-nothing camp for several more months and will then have to prioritize a new sofa against all the other rather large projects we are considering, like a screened in top deck.

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