Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Home Tour Tuesday: Half Bathroom

So as promised we are going to go one room at a time, and I will preface this home tour with, our home is always changing, these are snapshots in time, this is what the room looked like in 2006 and what it looks like today. I will likely be soliciting advice on if something works together, if you think I need to change something out, or just in general ideas on how to optimize the space we are working with.  I anticipate several changes and hope to do this Home Tour once a year to show the progression from buying a new home, making some small changes not knowing how long we were going to be in the home to settling in for the long haul.

Half Bathroom 2006

Half Bathroom Today (October 2011)

Added the "Wipe, Flush, Wash" vinyl
Spray Painted the TP Holder with Oil Rubbed Bronze
Basket for Magazines
Live - Laugh - Love Sign (gift from my Aunt)
Frame with a photo of Riley took the place of the tissue box
Yankee Candle Room Spray replaced a candle on the shelf
Removed the candles from the back of the toilet
Removed the chocolate brown towel (and sometimes we have white monogrammed towels hanging)

Spray Painted the towel rod Oil Rubbed Bronze - they were still the cheapo, contractor ceramic ones that came with the house when we built it, and instead of worrying about patching the wall, I wanted a quick makeover and this did the trip, the finish turned out perfectly.

Mirror and Light Fixture are the same - we picked out the light fixture when we built the house

We changed out the faucet - easy makeover and can be fairly inexpensive if you find good clearance deals at Home Depot/Lowes like we did

We changed out the wall plates a few years ago and removed the contractor white ones that came with the house - those buggers showed every single dirty finger print under the sun.

Assuming we can figure out how to get the mirror off the wall I plan to change out the boring oval mirror with a fun mirror and ideally would like to do something else on the big wall, I feel like the Live-Laugh-Love sign gets lost on that big wall - any ideas?

And finally a question for you...the light fixture, wall plates and faucet are more of a brushed nickle, but the TP holder and towel rod are an Oil Rubbed Bronze, is that similar to mixing brass/nickel in your mind? I am having a hard time figuring out if all those metals need to match in such a small room, the majority of me says YES, and then I think it would be fairly easy to give the light fixture and wall plates a makeover with some spray paint, but the faucet seems to be the tricky one - what are your thoughts? Don't spare my feelings, I am torn on the subject, so I am open to any and all opinions. 

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The Harris Family said...

You know what I thought would be so funny to do...go to a model house (or course our model) & take pictures of a basically empty plain house...then you could really have blank slate pictures!