Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Hubs

 Our Wedding Day - May 2005

Today marks the birthday of the handsome gentleman that I share my life with...I can't imagine our days without him, the girls and I are very lucky to have him as the leader of our pack.

Brad & Riley - June 2005

There are so many things that we love about Brad, but if I had to list the top 9, since we have been together for 9 years, they would be: 

1) When we first started dating long distance, he and I were on the telephone, and his Mom called (call waiting) and he told me he had to go, that he would call me back, he chose his Mom over me and I have loved him for it for all these years. 

2) He is passionate - whether it be about his hobbies, his work or his family, he is passionate.

3) He smells great - when I curl my head in his shoulder (aka my pocket) I just love the way he smells...let's face it ladies, some boys are smelly. 

Brad & Olivia - July 2007

4) He is a wonderful father to the girls, and being a dad to two little girls isn't always easy, not all men are up for the challenge, but he is, and he rises to the challenge every single day. 

5) He is traditional, he still opens doors for me, helps me put on my coat, he is a real gentleman in the traditional sense of the word, and he doesn't let me walk near traffic, he always moves me to the safer side of him - love that. 

6) He is affectionate - he loves to snuggle, he loves to smooch on the girls and is a great hugger

 Brad & Avery - February 2009
7) He isn't afraid to say "I love you", he says it to his Grandma when they are on the phone, he never misses a chance to say it to his Parents and he never tucks the girls in at night without those three special words...

8) He is kind and willing to help a neighbor or friend whenever they need a helping hand 

9) He wants to be a good person, he works hard to do the right thing each and every day and is true to the values his family raised him with.

I can't tell you about his present just yet since he won't open it until he gets home tonight, but the girls and I are hoping he loves it.  We are going to dinner tonight, just the four of us, and Brad and celebrated as a couple last Saturday night with dinner & a movie and then this weekend we will celebrate his special day with our friends.  Happy Birthday to a wonderful husband, son, brother, friend, father and uncle. We love you!

Home Tour Tuesday will be back next week with a tour of our Kitchen...

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Jeni said...

Such a sweet post Leigh! I am sure he will treasure his gift!