Friday, November 11, 2011

Five on Friday: Things I would change...

about my house....if I had to build our house again, or build another house, or heck, buy a used house, these are the five things I would look for...

1) Closet Space - lord have mercy, a girl just can't seem to get enough closet space and our closets are t-i-n-y. And frankly it frosts my cookies....when you build a house in 2005 you don't think the builders are going to cut corners on the closets, closets are critical, but no, our builder really cut the ol' corners when it came to closet space.  The girls closets are very small, I have no idea what they are going to do as teenagers...we shall see.

2) A more formal front stoop/door area -I just love the look of glass on both sides of the front door and I love the look of a glass front door. When I think about a glass front door I do get a little anxious about the security aspect of it, but I just happen to love the look...and around the Holidays, it is simply divine.

3) A White Kitchen...when we built our house I actually chose to avoid white cabinets, I didn't want white, but boy oh boy have I changed my mind. I love the look of a big white kitchen, clean, and full of glass cabinets, I could eat it up I love it so much. I also really love having a counter/stool area that is actually functional, our current stool area is just not as functional as I would like it to be.

4) A Big Laundry Room - complete with sink and storage area, room for a drying rack and ironing board, you know the normal laundering accessories...

5) Playroom Area - I would love another room/area on the first floor of the house that is Playroom Area material, that is big enough to store all the toys, but far enough away from the rest of the social areas so that we could have guests over and also banish the children to the playroom and know that they are safe, but not hear that too much to ask? HA!

There you have it...5 things I would change about our current house, or look for in another house, what would you change or look for in your next house?

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