Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"Good Girl" Bed

Don't mind the summery pink horse PJ's she is rocking, it has been 75 here lately....
It was time, time to kick the crib to the curb and move this little lady to her "good girl" bed (that is what she calls it, we call it her "big girl" bed, but she is fairly stuck on "good girl" bed, so we let it fly.)
BEFORE: February 2009
I adored her crib bedding...

I was pretty darn excited about the timing of it, I love the holidays and all things decorating for them, so to be able to switch her over AND get to use her Holiday Bedding was just a double bonus for me. We have been debating the switch for quite some time, we thought about doing it right when we got back from the beach, but we just didn't think it was the right time, we didn't think she would stay in it, so we gave it some more time and then after a few weeks of terrible sleep and a few conversations with Dr. S we decided to take the plunge, and just give in. We had tried a few of the other things Dr. S suggested and this was one of the last ones. So when the girls left for Brad's Parents house last Sunday we decided that depending on how she did sleeping down there, we would make the move over the long weekend.

Brad picked me up Tuesday Night and we stopped at good ol' Big Lots...do not laugh and do not knock it until you try it. We snagged a bomb diggity Serta Pillow Top that makes my back sing a sweet song for several hundred dollars less than had we procured it from a mattress warehouse-type place. I was thrilled with the deal and Brian and Brad picked it up on Saturday, so Saturday Night was the first night in the "good girl" bed.

I bet you are chomping at the bit, wondering how it went....well, lets just say it went far better than I anticipated it would. She stayed in the bed, slept until close to 7:30am (knocking on wood, this child usually graces us with her cranky presence around 5:30am) and was a happy camper.  Everyone that came in the house had to make a trip upstairs to see her "good girl" bed. It was adorable to see her showing something off, for something to be about her, with her being the youngest, its usually Olivia doing the show & tell.

Sunday Nap went well...but last two nights she has freaked. Bi-Polar Avery reared her ugly (yet cute) head, and she was terrified of her room and her bed again and didn't want to stay in it. So I "night-night side" her for a little while, we got a few books, she flopped around from headboard to foot board, and then finally she settled and fell asleep at the foot board on top of the covers - whatever floats her boat. And Monday morning she met me in the hallway around 6:30am and appeared a bit confused, and this morning she came into our room....it is so strange to see the door open and a little face poke around the door, Olivia has never come into our room, leave it to Avery!

Our little one is growing up...it was sad packing away the crib bedding and folding up the bedding accessories that I can now pass along to friends who are starting the journey into motherhood. Sniff Sniff...

I am already looking forward to pulling out her new big girl bedding. I have had it for a few years and while I don't love it, I really like it, and for now it will suit her just fine.  We are in talks about one day soon giving the girls the option of sharing a room (of course, I just re-did Olivia's room) so until we make a final call on that one I won't be changing anything in Avery's room.

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