Sunday, November 13, 2011

95 Bliss

I was graced with a day off to honor our Veterans and so on Friday while the girls were at school I hopped on 95 North and headed to Ikea for a day of shopping at my own pace, dreaming of future home projects and not to mention a few hours of solid sing-a-long time for me in the car.  I had a perfect day.  I had been needing a day to myself like that and while most people wouldn't find sitting in traffic on 95 to be relaxing, it felt amazing not having to be anywhere at a certain time, to be moving at my own speed, to be responsible for myself and ONLY myself.  I channel surfed as I drove and belted out the lyrics to each and every song I recognized, I think that might have even contributed to the sore throat I woke up with this morning, too much voice strain from all the singing...

So while at Ikea I just strolled through the showroom and marketplace trying to imagine what our house would look like with some of their storage options, and how organized my life would feel if all of our stuff had a spot, and a classy looking spot to boot!

Here are a few of my favorites...

 Amazing Storage Option that includes a corner piece....

 We need to find a way to make something like this work in our house - I love it

 A cute white dresser for the Morning Room - but instead I went with 2 Cheapo Rast Dressers that I have to finish - we'll see how I feel about my decision once they are finished

 Shoe Storage - love it and almost procured it for our foyer area

 I love this idea, but our kitchen just isn't built for this look, nor do we have wall space to support it, but this system could function in so many different ways, from craft storage to art supplies, you name it, it would likely work for it.

I had hoped to have a few hours to walk around Potomac Mills too, but with traffic I only had 3 hours to spend up there if I wanted to be back at a reasonable time on Friday evening and we had to babysit for sweet Campbell...who happens to be the best little girl in the entire world.  It is amazing being around a little one that is so well behaved, I almost didn't know what to do with myself when she listened the first time, didn't fight bedtime and snuggled to read a book, it was fantastic and an out of body experience all at the same time!

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The B's said...

Sounds like a fabulous day! Did you make it to the Container Store... I long to get there :)