Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Before & After: Copy Cat - Pedestal Lamp

So I have been following Richmond Thrifter for quite some time and Erin is a genius, she is able to put random pieces together and out comes a magic.  They say the best form of flattery is to copy, right? So I thought I would copy one of her famous creations, and that would be a Pedestal Lamp.

So I hit up the local Goodwill for the supplies I would need to turn out this beauty...


Lamp Base - $3.25

And then I picked up a normal frame for $3.00...I grabbed a can of Watermelon Krylon Spray Paint, picked up some super glue from Lowe's, grabbed a scrap of fabric from another project, and we were cooking with gas...


This beauty is the perfect height for Olivia's bed since her bed sits on the slats and isn't on a box spring. But with the addition of her new quilt (I can't wait to reveal her entire room, I am hoping that everything gets hung up this weekend and I can snap some photos during the day on Sunday with the natural light to share her big girl room) So this beauty is now nestled up next to Olivia's bed and it is just craving a cute little digital alarm clock to take up residence on its surface.

I was really torn with the idea of using this in her room before I started the project. Generally speaking I like furniture that is full of storage potential, that doubles a functional and practical piece, and this puppy is just pure beauty, nothing super practical or all that functional about this one, but I adore her and I happen to be so proud of myself that I was able to pull it off.  If you knew me prior to the last 6 months of my life you too would be proud of me, this is such a stretch from the girl I used to be, but I am loving it.

Update: Erin actually posted about copying another blogger and commented on it being the best form of flattery, which I find amusing since I had written this post a few days ago but was waiting for the light to take a photo...great minds think alike.


The Harris Family said...

I love this! I might need to make one. Did you post this to the Pinterest challenge?

Richmond Thrifter said...

LEIGH! I love it , love it, love it!!! The pink is PERFECTION!!!