Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Birthday Party Filled Day

Avery had a very busy day, a day filled with Birthday Parties, which turned into a day full of bouncy houses and cupcakes.  The first party started at 2pm and it was for a little girl in Avery's class, and if you have a BFF at 2.5, I would have to say this sweet Alyssa would be Avery's, Avery just loves her and they were precious at Alyssa's party, two peas in a pod. It was hard explaining to a very heartbroken Olivia that she wasn't invited to the party, and that sometimes they will do things with their own friends, that is a tough concept to explain and was a tough one for her to swallow, it tugged at my heart strings to see her so upset.

Alyssa handled that thing like a pro - advantage of having 2 older brothers

Tinkerbell Theme - adorable cake

Our little lefty...doesn't everyone have a chalkboard in their backyard?

Avery & Alyssa opening presents

While Avery and I were gone, Olivia and Brad were on a mission to set up Avery's big girl bed...but that mission was aborted when we realized the Toddler Bed conversion kit that we thought was universal for all Young America furniture is in fact NOT universal, and the set we have will not convert Avery's bed the way it did Olivia' another week in the crib it is, we will start our mattress search this week and likely will bypass the Toddler Bed all together and head straight for the Full Size Big Girl Bed...

Avery and I got home and we all went across the street to celebrate Campbell's 2nd Birthday, which all included more bouncy house fun, the girls have mad love for bouncy houses.

Molly did a great job with the animal theme - super cute and the kiddos loved that there were animals on their cupcakes as well.

Happy Birthday Sweet Campbell - we love you and can't believe that you are two years old

Good News: Brad got the garage cleaned out, which means I can tackle a few last minute projects for Olivia's Big Girl Room, and the hopefully the room will be ready to photograph.  It won't be 100% finished, but it will be close enough to reveal.

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Jeni said...

What a full day! We were in for a shock when we went to convert the crib too. You're not alone there. I can't believe Campbell is already two!!!