Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Home Tour Tuesday: Kitchen

Kitchen 2005
Everyone always says that you should love your kitchen, that families gather in their kitchens, and while I agree that is often times very true, I happen to want to love most of my house, so optimizing the kitchen hasn't been a priority for us, and that could be because we are pretty happy with it the way it is, outside of some cosmetic changes, we think it suits us just fine.

Kitchen 2005
If I had to do it over again, I probably would have gone with white cabinets, but I still haven't the foggiest idea what I would have done for the counter tops. I struggle with clutter on the counter near the phone. We drop the mail there, notes get left there and piles of clutter just reproduce there. It is also our designated charging area for our phones and iPads, and that isn't idea, because the cords just drive me bonkers. Heck, maybe we need one of those charging station thingies...but here you have it. Our kitchen from 2005 and our kitchen today....not a lot of material changes, but a few small ones.

*There isn't as much stuff displayed on top of the cabinets - and frankly until I figure out how to actually display things for beauty instead of for storage purposes I would like to redo the entire top of cabinet strategy.
*Christmas decorations are up in these photos and we have a lobster rug by the sink

*There is vinyl art to the right of the fridge and a bench from my parents house has been refinished and is now storage for the girls dress up clothes.
*We now have two leather counter stools - while they are technically in the morning room, you can see the tops of them in this photo, with the very bright, can't wait for it to no longer be red, red walls of the morning room.  For the record, the flash blew it out and distorted all the colors, it really isn't that bright.
*The menu chalkboard now hangs on the pantry door (the pantry is almost done, just need a few more supplies from Ikea, so I am waiting for Brad to make his next trip to NoVA)

I'll tell you what...that pot rack is a saving grace! Our cabinets, while we have quite a few of them, they are just not designed to be all that functional, and I can't imagine where we would store all the pots and pans if they weren't hanging from our ceiling.  It's funny though, when Brad gets up in the mornings and makes his way to the bathroom, the pans clank and announce that he is now awake and in the bathroom. HA!.

And you'll see that I did some cleaning up around the phone area to minimize the charging mess, but picture this with a Blackberry and iPhone plugged in and charging. And notice my super cute Erin Condren weekly planner keeping us organized and on top of things - LOVE IT. If you recall from the things I would like to do differently you would recall a bright white kitchen and yes, that is a dream of mine, but to be honest, our kitchen does the job and I happen to fancy it just a smidgen.

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