Sunday, November 20, 2011

Before & After: Let There Be Light

Inspiration: Pottery Barn Kids...
I have been hunting for a smaller lamp for Olivia's room since I re-did a lamp for her wrong several months ago and it turned out all wrong, it was FAR too large for her dresser and was just the wrong shade of blue, not at all what I had been hoping for, and then the lamp shade I made turned out to be too hot of a pink and not watermelon-ie enough, just wrong.

Project: Let There Be Light

So two weekends ago I picked up a small lamp base at Goodwill, primed it and sprayed it, and began work on the lamp shade I had in my head, very simple, almost Pottery Barn Kids like, but for a fraction of the price, of course.

Lamp Base #3 - BEFORE
Well, I sprayed the lamp base, made the shade and then sat down to put them together only to realize that the shade and the lamp base were just not compatible, the shade attached to the top of those arm thingys, but the lamp base didn't have those arm again, all wrong. My excitement deflated quickly.  I had to find another lamp base that would work with the shade.

I love the detail...

So I procured lamp base #3 at The Goodwill for $8.25, the most expensive of the 3, I should add...not my finest moment, but probably my favorite base of the three I had already redone.

Color of Choice: KRYLON Watermelon
 And so once the base was cleaned and sprayed I married it with the lonely shade and ta-da, finally the perfect lamp Olivia's dresser has been waiting for.  I really like it! The spray job isn't perfect, it was tough to get a clean coat around the embellishments, but I did my best and I really love the color and I think the shade compliments the base well.

Forgive the horrible lighting, I wanted to snap a photo so bad, and it was already dark, so I had to use the flash.
And you happen to get a sneak peek at Olivia's new wall color as well, so now you know how the walls look.  I can't wait to reveal her finished room, I happen to love it and I just hope she does for many years to come.  I just swapped in her PBK Christmas Bedding for the season, so I probably won't reveal her entire room until I switch it back to her everyday bedding since that is what the room decor is centered around, but I might just show a few of the projects I have been working on to make her room special.

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The B's said...

love it! Can't wait to see the whole room-- I am in love with the color of the base on the lamp.