Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fall about Fall Asleep?

Good Gracious...4:09am came far too quickly this morning.  Avery happens to be one of the worst sleepers on the planet and throw in rolling the clocks back an hour and you have a recipe for DISASTER.  But this morning even Olivia was up early, she came down the stairs a little after 6am, and about 30 minutes later, after trying to talk them into an early morning trip to Walmart, we were dressed and on our way out the door to Country Style Donuts (not Walmart), and the phone was Brian (neighbor) and he was organizing a breakfast party at The Brick House Diner.  There were 10 of us for an early breakfast and it was wonderful to not have to compete with the rest of the Sunday breakfast population, who was still asleep. But those of us with toddlers know how to roll on the Sunday following the Daylight Savings Adjustment!!

After a quick trip to Walmart on the way home from breakfast, we all dug right in and kicked off a few projects around the house.  From the before photo above you can see I attempted a project today, but based on the fact you won't see an after photo quite yet...I was working on Olivia's new lamp and shade, and the lamp looks fantastic, and I love the shade and how it turned out, but the fact of the matter remains the lamp and shade are not compatible and how on Earth I didn't scope that out before kicking off the project is BEYOND me...after a few choice words with myself, I laughed at myself and jumped in the car with Molly, in the hopes that The Goodwill would come through with another lamp that would do the such luck.  So this project is on hold until further notice...BOO HISS.

A little preview...this will hang in Olivia's Room      

My spray paint of choice for several projects that will appear in Olivia's room - Krylon - Watermelon

Public Service Announcement: I had read on a few blogs that the $1 Spray Paint at Walmart was a-okay, covered well and served its purpose....WRONGO. This stuff is awful. I can't believe that I bought a few cans of it, it has required a ton of rework, sanding, etc on the three pieces I attempted to use it on. Never Again!

Brad joined in the house project fun...I promise a better photo of the mailbox area, but I couldn't help put capture him in action...there were a few cute ones of the girls helping him, but there were a few moons showing (if you catch my drift), so I think I will keep those out of the blogosphere.

 And I just knew you were curious as to what the beauties were up to while we were busy doing some curbside beautification...notice Olivia's outside...two things to point out that might not be obvious to those of you just blinded by her cuteness...

1 - she is wearing a life jacket while riding her bike...the kind that has the strap that goes between your legs and snaps....

2 - she slept in those clothes, went to breakfast in them and was still wearing them at 12 noon, while outside playing (Mom of the Year ballot is already need to nominate me again)

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