Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Home Tour Tuesday: Family Room

So in true home tour fashion since we started in the half bathroom last week we are going to continue down the hall and make a left, which lands you in our Family Room.  This room has evolved several times in the six years we have lived in this house, but the major pieces have been holding down the fort since we moved in. Do I love it...not yet, but you bet your bottom dollar I like it a heck of a lot better than I did a year ago, and with the changes I still have planned for this TV watching mecca I just know one of these days I am going to love it, truly, madly and deeply.

Here you have our family room in 2006:

The photo quality is awful since its a scanned in photo, but that glare you are seeing from the other side of the room is a lovely Ikea-Picasso that is hung far too high and is just plain boring.

This view gives you a glimpse into the view if you were standing directly in front of the TV...

And this is what our family room looked like just a few short months ago when we were having the hardwood floors put in...the night before install...

Right after the install, when everything had made its way back to his rightful home...

And here it is today...this is the view from the kitchen...

This is the view from the Morning Room area...

This is the view from the double windows in the corner

Clearly the view of the shelves..

And this is the view if you are sitting on the couch...

Changes I have made since 2006:
  • Curtains...I have had 3 sets of curtains in this room, and while I really did love the red ones, in fact I miss them, they were holding me back from the look I was going for. 
  • Lamps have changed a few times, went from small lamps to bigger lamps with red shades to now white/navy shades...
  • Hardwood Floors & Area Rug...bye bye original carpet
  • Slipcovers - just a recent add and likely confusing if you have followed along the last week or so since I had indicated they were going back...turns out they don't have a very friendly return policy so I had to make the best of it. 
  • Frames...they were black and are now white
  • Shelves above the couch are now white
  • Keep Calm & Carry On Sign
  • Also, depending on the time of year you photograph this room, the red chairs and the love seat sometimes trade places so that changes where the sofa table resides.  This is the first arrangement where I have the sofa table behind the chairs...I am not a huge fan, but there is a bench in the backup sofa table spot now, so my hands were tied. 
  • Chair Rail Molding & Paint above and below...
Like I mentioned above, I do like this room, but I don't love it just yet....so I have a few more things to think about and a few more things planned.
  • add molding below the chair rail and paint all white below chair rail
  • consider slightly changing the top wall color, not sure how big if a priority this one really is, but I would like a different shade of blue, a lighter one if possible, but going lighter with paint is a pain. 
  • sectional sofa
  • move 1 red club chair to a different room in the house & cover remaining club chair with a softer fabric to get rid of the red leather look
  • get rid of the keep calm and carry on print, paint the frame its in white and put something else fun in there - can't move the frame because that thing is anchored to the wall with some serious hardware, Brad would shoot me. 
  • remove the window pull back hardware...that will come down shortly, just changed our the curtains a few days ago
Please excuse the super duper flash infused photos, I can't catch light in my house these days...

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    3guysandagirl said...

    I love your house! I'm sure everyday you wake up there you're so happy and at peace. Home is, after all, where the memories are made.