Friday, November 25, 2011

Five on Friday: Favorite Christmas Presents

My First Christmas - 1979

Growing up I have amazing Christmas Memories, some involve our family traditions and others involve Christmas Morning and the presents that I was blessed with. So I thought it would be fun to share my Five Favorite Christmas Presents of all time...

1) My First Cabbage Patch Kid - Gayla Selda - she is the one with the red hair.  My Gramps scoured the entire Eastern Seaboard to procure this puppy, and he ended up cutting a deal with one of his customers in NYC to bring her home to me. (this photo cracks me up, but it was the only one I had of the Cabbage Patch so I thought it would be fitting to share, take a gander at those window treatments - BARF, but my Mom was looking pretty fine showing us her etchings...and notice my Dad's pocket protector, lord almighty... for the record, the other two are named Robina Loraine and Raphael)

2) My first Mac - my parents hid this and asked me to grab a trash bag out of the front closet to help clean up from all the other presents. I am so surprised to find the boxes hidden under a blanket, I just froze, started clicking my heels together and saying "There is No Place Like Home"...I think I was 16 Years Old.

3) My own personal phone line - this was another good story. My Parents casually grabbed the cordless phone from my room and placed it next to my chair on Christmas Morning, said that it would just be easier to have a phone near me so when my friends called, I wouldn't have to get  up.  Well fast forward to an hour or so later, the phone rings, and its my Dad...he is calling from the bedroom on our home phone and I was so confused, how was he calling my phone from his phone, they were the same phone line...but NOPE. My Parents had given me my own personal phone number and phone line for Christmas - it was a great present and I am sure it was a fantastic relief for them too.

4) Calendar - every year I looked forward to seeing which calendar I would get, and I have to admit, it is still one of my favorite presents to this day. I have now convinced my Mom to let me open the calendar early, since I can easily pick it out of the pile and once I know one is in the pile I have to open it and start writing all important dates in it - I have a small problem. HA!.

4) Barbie Camper - this one is a doozie. My Gramps gave this to me as well, but my Dad will never forget the hours he spent putting it together and adhering each and every sticker, he was up until the wees hours of Christmas Morning just getting this thing ready for me.

This photo doesn't do it justice - I loved this thing
5) Vanity Set - I got a vanity set probably when I was in 5th or 6th grade, and I had it in my room until I went to college. I used to sit at it and get ready every single morning, it was a perfect gift for the age I was, and it was super useful.

 I hope that my children have great memories. I wish I had all the Christmas Morning photos here to share with you, just looking at them bring back the magical feeling of Christmas.

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