Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Stockpile..I think not.

I have mentioned it a time or two, that I am not in this couponing game to build up my stockpile or plan a big haul, but rather to save my family a dime or two and score myself a hobby along the way. For those that know me well you know I have been in search of a hobby for quite some time, and the funniest thing about couponing is that my Mom was a coupon master back in the day, long before e-Coupons or Printables, she worked her magic with rebates like her life depended on it, and of course it didn't, but she licked those envelopes with the best of them and probably saved our family a boat load of moula along the way.

I haven't had a chance to share my latest bargains, so I figured I would catch ya'll up on the last week or so in the life of Leigh the Couponer.

Thursday May 19th - Walmart
13 Items for $2.01
Kotex Panty Liners (7) - a bit much, I know, but heck, they won't go bad and they don't take up a lot of room, and I've heard people really like to receive them in the stocking on Christmas Morning.
4 Pack Razors
Fly Swatter (2)
BBQ Sauce (3) (.42 each, after a $1.00 Coupon for each Item)

Thursday May 19th & Friday May 20th - Walgreens (Had to go back the next morning and bring them a copy of their own coupon policy)
Tylenol Precise - Free
2 Sally Hansen Nail Polish - $.09 each
3 Rolls of Scotch Tape - Free

Friday May 20th - Kroger
10 Lean Cuisines (On Sale, $4.00 in Coupons and $1.00 SavingStar)
26 Yoplait Yogurts (On Sale and $2.80 in Coupons)
2 Wisk Laundry Detergents (On Sale, Coupon and $1.00 SavingsStar)
Better Oats Oatmeal - Free (On Sale + $1.00 Off Coupon)
*They were running a great toothpaste sale and I had 3 coupons to pick up 3 tubes for free, but they were sold out*

Sunday May 22nd - Walgreens
Gillette Fusion Razor $.99 (Originally $12.99, on sale for $9.99, $4.00 Coupon + $5.00 Register Reward)
2 Pure Silk Shaving Cream $1.00 Total (Originally $2.49 each, on sale for $1.99 + $1.50 Register Reward, means that each came to $.50)
2 Scunci 18ct Hair Elastics $0.00 (Originally $2.99, on sale for $2.00 + $2.00 Register Reward = FREE)
Bayer Asprin $.79 (Originally $3.79, $2.00 Store Coupon + $1.00 Manuf Coupon)
3 Aluminum Foil $2.07 (Originally $5.07, Store Coupon for $.69 each)

Saturday May 21st - RiteAid - First Trip to RiteAid
Purex Laundry Detergent ($1.03) - I paid $1.97, but they gave me $3.00 UP Rewards, so I came out ahead by $1.03

Sunday May 22nd - Target
*Button Down Stripped Short Sleeve Camp Shirt - $5.98 ($3.00 Target Coupon, and it was on Clearance for $8.98)
*Tank Top $3.60 ($2.00 Target Coupon, and it was on Clearance for $5.60)
*Turquoise Sandals $12.00 ($3.00 Target Coupon, original price was $15.00)
*Men's White T-Shirt 2 Pack $8.99 ($1.50 Target Coupon) *not an amazing deal, but he needed a few new ones, at least I found a coupon.
*Beach/Ballerina Barbie - 6 at $4.00 each (On sale from $5.94 each, saved $12.00) *I have one to each girl in Olivia's Dance Class
*Garnier Face Wipes - $2.49 (On sale from $6.49 and I used a $2.00 coupon)

Olivia informed me at 10pm last night that we were out of "toilup paper" so the trip to Walgreens this afternoon was a result of needing more TP, it wasn't actually a planned trip, couponing with the girls isn't a relaxing, hobby-like experience.

Wednesday May 25th - Walgreens (First Trip with the Girls)
Complete Contact Solution - ($1.00) ($9.99, $2.00 Store Coupon, $1.00 Manuf Coupon + $8.00 in Register Rewards, so I made a $1.00 on the transaction)
Tylenol Precise - Free ($7.99 - $3.00 Store Coupon - $5.00 Manuf Coupon)
2 Charmin TP 6 Packs - $4.98 ($3.99 - $1.00 Store Coupon - $1.00 Manuf Coupon - 7x RR Points)
*I ended up using the RR from the Fusion Razors tonight and walked away with an $8.00 RR from the Contact Solution, so net out of pocket tonight including a $17.99 Rx = $17.65

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