Sunday, May 8, 2011

A dollar saved is a dollar earned...

I made my second trip to Kroger today while the family was napping and I scored:

20 Boxes of Healthy Harvest & Smart Taste Pasta = FREE ($43.90 in Savings)
A Dozen Large Eggs = FREE ($1.49 in Savings)
10 Yoplait Yogurts = $5.00 ($1.00 in Savings)
4 Pack of Yoplait Greek Yogurt = $1.79 ($1.00 in Savings)
2 Yoplait Greek Yogurt = $1.78 ($.60 in Savings)

The yogurt wasn't an amazing deal but we were out and we eat a lot of yogurt in this house so it was unavoidable, it was the best price I could get this week and we needed it.

Total Price before Coupons: $56.09
Total Out of Pocket: $9.00
Savings of 84% ($47.09)

Not too bad eh? I am hoping I can get through this week without a trip to the store, I likely will need a loaf of bread to make it through the week but that will still keep me under $20 for the month.

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3guysandagirl said...

Where are you getting all of your coupons, I must know! Especially since we're down to one income. Are they in the local flyers or online?