Saturday, May 14, 2011

Special Delivery for Olivia & Avery Turner

The girls & I making our way to the "waiting area"

We had been telling Olivia all week that my friend "Kristen" was coming to visit this weekend (she really is planning a visit, but it wasn't scheduled for this weekend) so that she would get excited about a trip to the airport on Saturday Morning.  So Saturday morning, bright and early we all piled into the car and headed East to RIC, we got to the "waiting" area just a few minutes before our special delivery made her way down the hall to where the girls could finally see her....and that special delivery was YaYa. 

Avery spotted her first and whispered "YaYa" before Olivia even spotted her and it was Avery that took off running before Olivia even knew what was happening.

It was a scene from the movies (well, the movies in my head), I had tears in my eyes, goosebumps on my arms and legs and my heart was full.  It was so sweet of my Mom to fly down and surprise the girls.  She wanted to be here for Olivia's week of performances, so she will be here all week.

Avery - thrilled to see her YaYa

"But where is Kristen? I want to see Kristen!" - Olivia

It was priceless, Olivia almost burst into tears because we had to tell her that Kristen wasn't coming, and then I was worried she was going to figure out that we had lied to her and since we have been working on the concept of telling the truth I was worried that would be hard to explain. But luckily she just went along with our plan to change the subject.  We all went out for breakfast and then we dropped YaYa at her house for a long nap, she had gotten up at 3:20am to head to the airport for her 6am flight. We are so thankful that YaYa is here for such a special week, we sure are lucky to have her in our life!


Jeni said...

How unbelievably heartwarming this post was Leigh. I was so suprised that Avery made the discovery before Olivia! It's awesome you were all able to surprise both girls and I hope it's a fantastic week with your family!

Sarina said...

This made me tear up. This post is just fantastic. I love it.