Sunday, May 15, 2011

On a dime...

Last week was up and down for me and the girls.  Brad was out of town the whole week and for the most part the girls were well behaved, but when they weren't....they really weren't, if you catch my drift.  Between the soap, lotion and Vaseline I almost lost my mind, I bet you can imagine what those three things have in common...when used in mass quantities and spread on your arms, legs and in your hair they are all VERY messy.

One night, after the girls second bath in a 20 minute period (see above about lotion and Vaseline), I commented to Olivia that sometimes their behavior makes me want to "run away and hide", and then about 15 minutes later I was tucking her into bed feeling rather defeated and rather frustrated when she looked up at me from her bed and said "Mommy, when you run away, don't forget your running shoes, and if a car comes, get to the side by the white line and wait for them to pass, I sure hope Daddy gets home safe, and it is super silly that we don't have a car" all in one breathe those words came flying out of her sweet little mouth.  My horrible mood melted away, it is amazing, when it comes to my children, my moods turn on a dime.  I can be right on the edge, ready to jump, ready to throw myself off a cliff and then words like those come flying out and I am reminded how lucky I am to have them in my life, that no matter how many baths I have to give them, I am thankful I have them to give baths to, that when I tell Olivia that I want to run away from home, she is concerned for my feet comfort and wants to make sure I don't get clipped by a car, that girl has a heart of gold (HA).