Friday, May 13, 2011

First Sleepover

Our neighbors had a party to attend tonight so we joined forces with the Harris Family to keep their kiddos.  We dined on Mexican Take Out from our favorite Don Pepe and then we got the rugrats ready for bed.  We had talked to Olivia & Zack about having their first sleepover and they were so excited about it!!

Watching Toy Story 2

Smiling for the camera

(As I type, Zack is yelling at Olivia who is in the bathroom, he is saying "Mind your Business, don't say Poopie, its a bad word")

He could NOT understand why we didn't have Starwars...duh, we have two little girls my man! Wanna watch Barbie?

Don't forget about the Vaseline Queen

I'll have to report tomorrow on how the sleepover actually goes. I am heading to Insley's house to enjoy some bubbly with Molly who is there watching Jules.  We need to trade the kids out with each other more often, this was kinda fun!! Tomorrow is also Zack's 5th Birthday Party...he is growing up!

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