Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dance, Dance, Dance

This is a big week for Olivia, she has two big performances this week, her art/music show at school and her Dance recital on Friday and Saturday.  We are so excited to watch her shake her bon bon and belt out "Under The Sea" while strutting around in both a bathing suit and a tutu.  Last night we had her dress rehearsal for her dance recital, and holy smokes, it was long.  Her class is performance #9 in Act One and performance #6 in Act Two and then they are also in the finale, so we were there last night for almost 3 hours, and when you are not prepared to entertain a 3 year old for 3 hours it feels like 83 hours.  We didn't bring water or snacks, I honestly thought we would be there for 30 minutes, they didn't set expectations with us at all, I will be more prepared on Friday, without a doubt. 

But the point of my story is another funny Olivia she has a busy week, something every single night this week. Tonight we have dance photos at the studio and last night when we were going to bed (VERY LATE) she asked me several times "What are we doing in the morning?" and "What are we doing after school tomorrow?", so finally after responding multiple times I said "Olivia, you silly girl, I have told you 4 times, we have dance photos tomorrow night after school", and so this morning when we were getting ready she gave me a grin and said "What are we doing after school today?" and when I smiled at her she said "Tell me 4 times again" She is a HOOT.

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