Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I wish...

Sunday afternoon while at Stony Point the girls became mesmerized by a fountain and Olivia commented that someone had left some "monies" in the fountain, so I explained to her that people throw coins in the fountain and make a wish...so I gave them each a penny and told them to make a wish.  Avery chucked her penny across the fountain...that child has some serious skills and Olivia looked at me and said "I wish YaYa would come back" and threw her penny in. How precious is that? I wasn't sure she knew exactly what I meant by make a wish, but she nailed it.

It is moments like that...that as I Mom I am filled with pride.  Pride that Olivia has a kind heart, that she loves her family and that a special bond with her YaYa is front of mind in her sweet little 3 year old brain, instead of a simple wish like "I wish we could have ice cream for dinner" (which came later, btw). It is hard to explain, but its moments like that that make me want to give myself a chest bump and say "well done".

Side Note: I wrangled up 10 more pasta coupons, I am going to hit Kroger later this week and grab another 10 boxes....FOR FREE. I shared my couponing deal with my friends at work today, some thought it was remarkable, some thought I was a complete tool and others just rolled their eyes that I would dare talk about couponing when their ivy league pedigrees don't coupon...you'd think that with their off the charts IQ scores they would be telling me how to play the game, beat the system...in other words, get pasta for free, but NOOOOOOOOO, that isn't how they roll.

Other coupon deals I have my eyes on: 
Noxzema Disposable Razors, 4 pack = Free
Right Guard Total Defense Deodorant = 2 for Free
Dial Body Wash & Right Guard Body Wash = Both Free
Tylenol Precise Product = Free

We'll see if I find the time to stop at Walgreens to pick up these other bargains...but they are out there, so shop your little hearts out!!!

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Jeni said...

Love the fountain story. A proud mommy moment indeed :)