Monday, May 2, 2011

Moment in the Sun

My second adventure into the wide world of couponing was even more exciting than the first.  I am taking baby steps into this world, as it can be quite overwhelming and daunting, but tonight I came out a winner (every time I say or hear winner, I want to yell "winner, winner chicken dinner")

I didn't get to take a photo of my "haul" because Avery started using the pasta boxes as blocks and built me a few castles...but I can share with you what I purchased.

20 Boxes of Healthy Harvest & Smart Taste Pasta = Retail = $43.90 = Out of Pocket = $1.00
2 Packages of Kraft 2% American Singles = Retail = $3.58 = Out of Pocket = $1.60
2 Boxes of Stuffed Pretzels = Retail = $3.98 = Out of Pocket = $.98

5 Michelina's Lean Gourmet Meals = Retail = $4.40 = Out of Pocket = $3.40 (means lunch = $.68)

Total Retail = $58.63
Total Paid = $7.32
Savings of ~ 88%

Not too shabby for my first real grocery trip. I did make a rule for myself, that I would buy stuff JUST to buy it even if I had a great coupon, unless of course it was free, and then I would donate it, but I did decide that if I could get a cheaper alternative than the brands I usually buy I would give it a try once and see how it goes, so this week I am going to give the Michelina Meals a try, I've never had one before, so we shall see how it goes, I might be back to the Lean Cuisines in 2 weeks.

I do have one small gripe...I was checking out, I noticed that the pasta was ringing up incorrectly and I asked the cashier, who happened to be the store manager about it, she said "well, we have a line behind you, so you'll just have to pay for it and customer service can work it out". She stole my Moment in the Sun, I wanted to see the register tick down to below $10, but I didn't get the pleasure, customer service had mess with it for 20 minutes before they issued a credit.  If I have learned one thing from the show extreme couponing its that you need to pay attention as things are ringing up and as they are taking your coupons off to ensure its working as it should.

One other small gripe, our Richmond stores are just not on the cutting edge of couponing. Kroger doubles, but only if its < .50. I believe Martin's policy is the same, if its < .50, but we don't have the serious deals like Harris Teeter does...I have grocery store envy. BIG TIME.


The B's said...

That is so awesome... (although a bit of thunder stealing I am sure since you had to deal with the sweet cashier and customer service!) but let's be serious, you had a major haul sister! I am proud of you. I absoulutely love extreme couponing- but have not had nearly the success you just mentioned! Would love some tips!

Jeni said...

How on earth did you score 20 boxes for $1? And where was this????

o4seasmom said...

Such great work...sorry your special moment was ruined by the store clerk...blast her!

Jeni said...

I found those coupons and have my 10. I'm all over Kroger for these!