Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Anniversary My Love

Here he is folks, the man I married 6 years ago today. As a little girl you dream of your wedding day, you think about the dress, the flowers and your father/daughter dance, what you don't spend a whole lotta time thinking about as a wee young thing is the man you are going to marry.  We had a perfect wedding day, a day full of celebration, of love, of friends & family and of course, champagne, but what we have now is a marriage, one that is filled with love, laughter and friendship, things that will stand the test of time, and while I didn't spend a lot of time thinking about the man I was going to marry at age 7, I spend my days and nights thanking my lucky stars that he chose me, that we chose each other, that we get to wake up together (when he isn't traveling or snoring - ha) and tuck our girls in together every single day.  We have a marriage, one that isn't tricked into thinking its going to be perfect every single day, but one that we are both committed to making better, and one that we know makes us better individuals.  It is a balance, and one we are still working to perfect, but one we love working on.  There isn't another person on this planet that has seen me at my worst and loved me more for it, that is what true love is all about.

The wedding day was perfect, even though it sprinkled on us just after the ceremony, the sunset after was worth the sprinkles. And that is what marriage is all about, it might rain, but the rainbow after makes it all worth while, the rain sometimes gets you to a better place, it helps things bloom and grow, and without that rain, we might just forget how beautiful it can be, just after the rain.

Happy Anniversary Brad, I adore you more today than I did 6 years ago, and as long as you figure this whole snoring thing out, I plan to adore you more everyday for the next 6, and then 6 after that, etc.

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