Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

Silly Sprinkler
I love that we got married over a long weekend, our Anniversary usually falls on or around Memorial Day so that gives us an extra day to spend doing our thing away from our respective places of employment. And I also love that we took Friday off and gave ourselves a 4 day weekend, we should make a habit of that! Memorial Day always used to be our (My Parents & I) weekend to visit the graves of the loved ones that are no longer with us, a chance to say a quiet prayer and bring them some fresh flowers to spruce up their resting spot, my Parents did that this weekend, I miss being home for events like that, odd huh?  I am very thankful for those that have given their lives, those that have served and those that are serving our country today, thankful for the sacrifices that they have made, that their families have made so that we can continue to be the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Last night we joined some neighbors and friends at The Koehler Compound for a cookout and of course had some spirits and laughter.  Evenings with neighbors and friends never disappoint, we get to chat and enjoy each other while our kiddos entertain each other.

Today I thought it would be a good idea to rearrange the Morning Room aka The Toy Area, well that wasn't a huge success, in fact I kinda loathe it, but I am so torn about what to do with that room its going to stay where it is for the week until I can hit up Ikea on the way home from DC on Sunday, I am hoping Ikea can inspire some greatness and the room will be just perfectly organized a week from now.


I did however have a ton of luck yesterday at the new HomeGoods.  They have a ton of nautical themed home decor pieces and I went to town, between the items I scored and the masterpiece Jeni is working on, at least the walls will be looking good, I just have to solve for the organization piece.

Sweet Campbell drinking from the hose

Today we spent the better part of the morning and after nap-time with our neighbors out in the 118 degree heat (Insley's thermometer said 118).  Thankfully the Harris family procured a swimming pool this morning large enough for the 6 Kiddos we have hanging around these parts on a regular basis.

Jules, her face is priceless, this is just after getting splashed with cold water

We enjoyed some Filet on the grill and some delicious Corn on the Cob for dinner and the girls went to town on the Filet, they just kept asking for more and I had planned to bribe them with lollipops to just get 5 bites down. Fooled Me! I realized it was the first time we had used real plates for a meal in quite some time, shame on us, we have been eating out far too often these days and my waistline is feeling it. This girl is going back on the fat gram counting wagon first thing in the morning, I have several more pounds to shed before the summer gets into full swing. Wish me luck!!


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