Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Under the Sea

Avery waiting for the show to start

Olivia's Pre-School hosts a Music and Art Show every year in the Spring and this year they had planned on having a cookout/pot luck to get all the families together on the night of. Well of course last week the forecast called for rain every single night, so they ended up rescheduling the Art Show and the Picnic and the Music Show was moved to a Church just down the street to ensure the show could still go on despite an impending storm.

Avery & YaYa coloring

Olivia marching her way to the stage with the rest of her class

The teachers work so hard for several weeks to perfect the lyrics and dance moves, I can imagine they consume large quantities of wine every night when they go home after a long day of practice, can you imagine trying to get 60 3-5 year olds to cooperate, sing together and move together? Get out of Town!

Olivia loves this stuff, I mean that child has been belting out "Under the Sea" and "Good Ship Lollipop" for the last several weeks as she attempts to fall asleep at night.  And the 4 year old class even spent time learning facts about Hawaii and Sea Life, that they one by one shared with us during the performance, it was adorable. Picture the little boy from Jerry Maguire saying "Did you know the human head weighs 8 pounds?", but with sea life facts and interesting facts about the islands of Hawaii, priceless.

Olivia and her class lining up on the top riser

They have 3 classes that participated, so they each took a theme:
1) A Beautiful Island By The Sea - this is the group that taught us all about Hawaii
2) Creatures by the Sea - can you guess what this class taught us about?
3) Fun by the Seashore - this was Olivia's class

Olivia's class sang several songs, including Surfing Safari by the Beach Boys, complete with Surf-Life Dance moves, adorable!  I got all teary eyed watching her up there, I was nervous for her, but she was great.  I did however zoom in on one of the photos I took of her and she had her two hands pulling out the legs of her bathing suit, good thing I didn't notice that during the performance, after the fact all I could do was laugh, poor little darling.

The whole crew

I was so happy for Olivia that Brad's Parents were able to come up for the night and celebrate her performance with us, and of course YaYa was here for the week to join in the fun.  It is so important to me that we are there, all of us, as many of us as possible to support her in everything she does.  I loved having my Parents at my volleyball games and I intend to support Olivia in everything she chooses to try, but I would be lying if I said I hope she chooses music over sports...but that is selfish of me, I am honestly just afraid if she goes the music route she will see how UN-talented her Mommy is in that space, whereas with sports, I think I could hold my own - HA.  I will get over it if it turns out her passion is the Piano rather than Basketball.

After the performance we all went out for Ice Cream to celebrate, Olivia's favorite treat...she gets that from me.  I think everything should be celebrated with Ice Cream...which would explain those few extra pounds hiding out on my fanny!!

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