Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I wanna live forever....I wanna learn how to FLY...I really thought Olivia was going to bust out in some serious FAME moves over the weekend at her Dance Recital.  Let me set the stage for you...five 3-4 year old little girls on stage, lined up, 1 5 year old little boy, he goes one by one and twirls them around while super peaceful ballet like music is playing in the background, in between twirls Olivia starts busting out some robot-hip-hop moves all the while the other girls are quietly waiting for their turn to twirl. I couldn't figure out what was going on, why she was making all those strange jerky moves, until the music came to a screeching halt and jock jams started pumping through the audio system.  Olivia knew the fast music was coming and her little feet just couldn't keep the excitement under lock and key, she couldn't stand still and when the jock jams came blaring out of the speakers she was off like a jack rabbit, it was hilarious.  I can't wait to see the DVD of their performance, because she was priceless.

It was a long weekend. Friday Night we rushed to get to the school by 6:15 and the girls first performance was #9, so they probably didn't take the stage until closer to 7:30-7:45pm, the good news was, unlike at the dress rehearsal on Tuesday Night the girls were able to watch the other performances and that kept them entertained and took some of the pressure off the parents, and please note, I was far more prepared than I was on Tuesday. I had snacks and juice boxes (WITH juice box holders) coming out the wazoo...coloring books and crayons coming out the ying yang, you name it, I had it and it was coming out of something.

We attempted to take a family photo before we left. It didn't go all that well, first of all we were rushed, second of all no one was in the mood and last my certainty not least, my Mom was behind the camera...a bad spot for her to be, she is still trying to figure out how to program the VCR to record Days of Our Lives from back in the day when Marlena was possessed by the devil (if you watch the show, you know that was EONS ago), a quick study when it comes to technology she is NOT.

Avery clearly didn't get the memo that it was Olivia's night to shine...so of course when we asked them so sit with each other, you would have thought we were negotiating peace in the middle east...good lord those two were difficult.

The highlight of the night, outside of Olivia's shaking her tail feather during her ballet performance was that Olivia's teacher Ms. Lorna came to show her support.  If Olivia could marry Ms. Lorna she would. When Ms. Lorna is around Mommy is CHOPPED LIVER.  Ms. Lorna walks on water, and she works so hard to please Ms. Lorna...whatever Ms. Lorna does, I need to start doing, because I would give 30lbs off my midsection (notice I didn't say an important organ) to have my children work hard to please me. Jeesh.

Ms. Lorna can rock that Crystal Gail look with the best of them, can't she? She has been Olivia's teacher since September and I am scared to death about Olivia moving to the next classroom, she just adores Ms. Lorna to pieces. Ms. Teresa, Olivia's other teacher came on Saturday to the 2:00pm performance and Olivia was also very excited to see her. I am so thankful for her teachers and all that they do for her. I think my Mom got teary-eyed saying goodbye to her teachers after the Music Show on Thursday Night, my Mom just thinks they hung the moon.  I have heard several parents comment that Ms. Lorna is the best they have, and that she has been there for almost 30 years, how fortunate are we to have her as a role model for our daughter!

Another highlight...snacks. I think between Friday and Saturday, Olivia must have eaten 3 bags of Goldfish and about 3478 jelly beans. Friday Night we brought Olivia flowers and presented them to her onstage after the Finale (that is how this studio does it, I found it to be a little strange, but to each their own), and then Saturday after realizing that Olivia could have cared less about the flowers I figured that a Ballerina Barbie might yield a better reaction, so I came prepared with a Ballerina Barbie for her Saturday performance.

Too bad I didn't think of these little darlings and their potential reactions.  When I handed Olivia the Barbie her little friend "C" burst into tears, and it broke my heart, her Daddy hadn't brought her anything, so I got eye to eye with Olivia and asked if she would be okay giving her Barbie to "C" and that I would buy her another one, but that it is important to share with those that go without sometimes, and much to my surprise she willingly handed over the Barbie to "C", who smiled through her tear stained face.  I got all teary myself, I was BEYOND proud of Olivia for giving with such a happy heart, what a sweet child she can be, I expected tears and a fit, but she was totally fine giving it to "C", I hope and pray that her selflessness stays with her and helps her develop into a kinda little lady with a big heart.  We ended up getting Ballerina Barbies for the rest of the class and we delivered them last night at the School Art Show. They were all thrilled, spending $4.00 on a Barbie was well worth the surprise and delight in those little eyes.

Olivia loved dance, and while the recital weekend was a bit exhausting for all involved (me & Olivia), it was worth it to see her up there facing a crowd, trying something new and doing something she loves.  We will likely continue with dance, but we are looking forward to checking out some new activities like soccer or tee ball.

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