Sunday, May 15, 2011

Popsicles & Panties

In Olivia's defense, I didn't realize she was wearing a skirt and sitting spread eagle for the photo shoot

Brad had to work a race just South of Richmond so the girls and I enjoyed some quality chick time today.  After naps we all enjoyed some popsicles on the deck.  I love spring/summer treats and I love sharing them with my two little darlings.  The girls love popsicles and usually are pretty good about eating them with a quickness so as to now cover themselves in popsicles juice, but the sun had an unfair advantage today and they lost that battle, they were sticky little buggers by the time we were finished.

I think Riley got some quality licks in this time around, usually he stalks the sticks but rarely comes out with as much as a taste, this time he got some solid bites in and the girls reactions are priceless everytime he makes contact with their popsicle with his tongue.  (Gross, I know, but give me a break, it was hilarious)

Look at the joy on her judging me, today I played the part of "Make your child happy first and foremost, and keep them safe from disease came second"

Nothing spectacular about this photograph, but I happen to be madly in love with it.  I think its just a nice glimpse into their life as sisters and I happen to think that is pretty stinkin' special!


Jeni said...

FANTASTIC photo of Avery and Sir Riley. I actually love the montage too. You've given them such a wonderful gift (of sisterhood) and it's just awesome to witness it. Lily still doesn't know/understand the joy of popsicles. We've just recently gotten her to actually taste ice cream. Gal just isn't a fan of cold stuff...

Anonymous said...

would fuck the beauty on the left.

Anonymous said...

next time take her panties off and show her lovely toddler p-ssy