Thursday, May 26, 2011

95 Degrees in May?

What do you do when it is 95 degrees at 6pm and it isn't even Memorial Day yet? I know! You let your children run through the irrigation sprinklers, in the front yard nonetheless, why keep this kind of class under wraps, share it with the world. Embrace it! Put it out there for the world to see, heck, throw on some cut off denim and get in there like swimwear.

Captain America!

Brad snagged the girls from school in the hopes of taking some time off the pick up times I have been averaging the last several pick ups. Drop offs have actually been worse, most mornings it takes me 30 minutes to get both girls into their classrooms and get back in the Yukon.  He brought them home, gave them some dinner while I stopped at Old Navy and scooped up some super duper bargains. I got Olivia a bathing suit for $2.25, how fan-frickin-tastic is that? And it has an Anchor on it, I love Anchors!!! I was pumped. Shout out to my homeslice Jeni for sending me an email after her lunch shopping trip in which she seriously scored close to 20 items for $60.

Brad and I woofed down our dinner so we could get the girls outside for a little sprinkler time. Sure is a good thing our Lawn Service came today and that our yard was covered in freshly cut grass.....NOT.
Of course it wouldn't have been a night in our 'hood without the neighbors, and tonight Campbell did a little topless dancing for us, while Jules took some time off after the sprinkler hit her smack across the face at close range, the poor thing! I bet she'll be up for some sprinkler dancing on Sunday!

Olivia, Brayden and Zack had a blast running around! Next time the adults are going to get the lawn chairs out, crack open some spirits and lounge while we supervise.

Whose child is this? Good Grief! Nothing like drinking from a fire hose!

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Anonymous said...

too hot for clothes girls I will gladly take them off for you