Saturday, May 7, 2011

Avery The Artist

Every year TCH hosts an Art Show, the younger ankle biters have theirs in the morning with breakfast and then a week or two later the older buggers host a picnic-potluck-art-show-performance-dinner after school. This past week was Avery's turn, so Brad and I blocked our calendars to spend the morning with Avery at school.  It isn't always possible to be at every single event, I know that, but its important to me to try my very best to be there...

Avery's Portfolio

"Cheese"....cream cheese that is

And of course we let this one join in the fun

Avery's teacher Ms. C is also Olivia's dance teacher so have nothing but love for her and I happen to think she likes us just a bit too.  It was also Teacher Appreciation Week so we wrapped up a gift for the girls teachers and delivered them on Friday.  A few of them got the cutest coffee/water tumblers with their initial on them and a few others got cosmetic bags with their initial on them...I hope they know how much we appreciate the patience, love and kindness they bestow on our daugthers every single day.  They are special ladies and we are very lucky to have them in our lives.

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