Saturday, May 7, 2011

Lions, Tigers and Bears...

Oh My is right...
Brad couldn't resist capturing this on "film"

After Gymnastics this morning we hurried off to the Metro Richmond Zoo.  Let's be honest folks, Richmond isn't a big city, I was NOT expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised. I mean, don't get me wrong, we didn't see Ling-Ling (the Panda from the National Zoo) but we did see our fare share of humping bears (case & point above) and close to 712 different species of monkey's.  It was a beautiful day for a family trip to the Zoo.

Our lil movie star

Our Vineyard Vines baby...

My Mom prepared us for Olivia to be madly in love with the Merry Go Round, so of course its the first thing you see when you enter the zoo, so naturally it was the first thing we did after we finished our overpriced, nothing special lunch (note to self, stop at Chick-Fil-A next time, or bring a picnic).  The girls LOVED it and protested getting off when the ride ended, we promised them one ride just before we left and of course as we were waiting in line the ride broke...and that sent Olivia over the edge. 

You can only see the Tortoises head in the background, but Olivia informed me that when YaYa brought her to the zoo YaYa told her that was the "E-NOR-MUSS Turtle" not a Tortoise . I swear, that child is a sponge, she doesn't forget a thing.  They have a sky-ride type thing you can take that allows you to see the zoo from the air, but my Mom mentioned to Olivia that Avery wouldn't be able to ride on it because she would kick off her shoes, so today when I asked Olivia if she wanted to ride on it, she said "No, because Avery will kick off her shoes, YaYa said we can't".

Olivia helped Brad feed the "GIR-raffs", I was proud of her because when she went with my Parents she was far too scared to feed them, I love watching her conquer her fears.

All in all the girls did well, they took turns in the stroller, took turns on Brad's shoulders and took turns being hauled around by me as I huffed and puffed up and down the hills. Carrying 32+lbs of Avery around is a workout!

Best thing about losing a few pounds...not being so ashamed of the way you look that you skip out on family photo opportunities. I love capturing our memories on "film" and historically I have loathed being in front of the camera, and while I still don't enjoy it, and likely never will, I do enjoy having a photo of the four of us.


The Connors Mistress said...

We have been close friends with the zoo owners since I was a baby :) We went last time and did all the stuff, the kids especially liked the sky lift. It was a very peaceful 18 minutes :) I was the one trying to hold my shoes

The B's said...

You look so great!! I am proud of ya:)