Friday, May 13, 2011

Coupon Virgin I am NOT

I branched out...yesterday on the way home I gave couponing at Wal-Mart a spin and a good spin it was.  In arm is a bit tired from patting myself on the back for a few hours straight!!! I would have chest bumped myself if I could...I threw out a few fist pumps at the check out, and I should also mention that my cashier looked exactly like the guy from The Blind Side, but not quite as polished, if you catch my drift.

So let me tell you a little bit about my "scores" (I refused to use the word "haul" like the crazy dumpster divers do on Extreme Couponing and I won't ever have a "stock-pile").  A few people have asked me how I come up with these deals and it is EASY-AS-PIE. I follow and she gives me some tips and I just add a personal touch to it and VOILA, there you have it.

Yesterday evening on the way home I stopped at Wal-Mart instead of Target and Walgreen's like I had planned, I didn't have time to fit in two stops and figured that some of the items I could also score at Wal-Mart.

2 Tylenol Precise Pain Relieving Cream (Retail: $5.97 each. I paid $.97 each)
2 Men's Speed Stick Deodorant (Retail: $.98 each. I paid $.96 total)
3 Reach Floss (Retail: $.88 each.  I paid $-.86 total, that's right, I made $.86 from this purchase)
1 Oral B Toothbrush (Retail: $1.50. I paid $0.00, it was FREE)
1 3 package of Ivory Soap (Retail: $.97. I paid $-.03, I made $.03 from this purchase)
2 Carefree Liner 20 counts (Retail: $.94 each. I paid $.0.00, FREE)

Subtotal: $2.01
Total with Tax: $2.46
11 Items for $2.46 (Retail: $20.89)
Savings: 88%

*I should note that after leaving Wal-Mart, while driving down Hull Street Road (during rush hour!) my brakes went out in the Yukon XL...all the lights on my dash came on and bells and whistles started going off, I think a few naughty words came flying out of my mouth and I sent up a few hail Marys to ensure I didn't crash into anyone with my rather large, very heavy vehicle.  I was very lucky, I was only going about 20 mps and was able to stop fast enough to turn left at the next light, and "park" (let my car ram into a parking spot and hit the curb) at a CVS.  I called my saving graces (my neighbors) who then scattered to rescue my children at school and come to my rescue while I waited to AAA to tow my massive children totting mode of transportation to the good ol' CarMax.  Then a few hours later, after I got the girls bathed and dressed, they decided to style their hair with bath wash, Avery looked like Kramer, and scream I did...threw the monsters back in the bath and then directly into their beds. This morning, they skipped the body wash and went straight for the Vaseline...I let Brad handle that one. I thought his head was going to pop off, but he kept his cool.  Olivia looked like she was rocking a sweet Jerry Curl with the grease she was sporting...stylin!

While I am on the subject. I have got NOTHING BUT LOVE for CarMax.  They have been wonderful to deal with.  We've purchase the MaxCare plan from them when we bought the Yukon and boy oh boy was that a smart decision. At our 60K mile service they ended up putting close to $3K worth of parts and labor into the vehicle and this visit came to $800 and out of pocket damage to us was only $50. I love me some CarMax.

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