Monday, May 9, 2011

Dirty Little Secrets

from Otherwise Perfect Moms
by Trisha Ashworth & Amy Nobile

My Mom sent me this book for Mother's Day and it is knee smacking funny. I read the entire thing last night while Brad and I were catching up on some TV and he had to pause the DVR several times because I was laughing so hard he just couldn't stand not knowing what was giving me the giggles, so I had to share.

Here are a few of my favorites:

"I skip whole chunks of my younger daughter's bedtime stories. Poor thing can't really tell the difference"

"When I am at Safeway I buy a Nordstrom gift card and charge it as groceries.  I can justify it that way."

"My rule is beer at lunch, wine at 5.  Wine at lunch feels like I have a problem, but beer just seems OK."

"I bit my daughter's finger while trying to steal a bite out of her cookie."

"I lied and told my son's preschool that he was potty trained so he could get in.  I acted surprised when he had an accident every day."

"Planning dinner usually throws me over the edge.  One night I was stressing out and my four-year-old son looked up at me and said "Just order a f#$&@%$ pizza!" - probably my favorite so far...

"I had to lock myself in my car to make a conference call while my kids screamed and hanged on the window outside"

"We forgot to buckle our two-year-old up in the car...when we went around the corner, he flew over to the next seat and screamed "f#$%^@#" - also very funny!

Very quick funny read...great gift for a Mom of a toddler who has everything! These authors wrote a few others that I will likely have to check out.

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Michelle said...

I have GOT to get this book. And quickly.