Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Riley

Our first born, Riley Duke of Fenway turned 6 on April 27th.  We celebrated today by taking the entire family to Stony Point to pick out his "Birthday Cake".  And in honor of Riley I made a quick stop at Gap Kids, and thank the good Lord I did. There were some A-Mazing Final Sale items...I picked up shirts for $1.97, pants for $3.97, a dress for $5.97 all for Olivia...and of course Avery the year after Olivia grows out of them.  I always seem to hit great sales at that Gap Kids, it never does me wrong!

We had BLT's for dinner tonight...for some reason I associate summer with BLT's, and I love having corn on the cob with BLT's, but tonight we had some fresh (frozen) corn instead...still delish! I am on a mission to clean out our freezer and pantry, and I won't be buying anything new to put into the freezer or pantry (unless I find an amazing deal through my new hobby - couponing) until they are both cleaned out.  Brad and I have almost turned it into a game..thinking about what we can create with the random items we have, it is hilarious.  This week we are having: Tacos, Chicken, Pasta, Tilapia and Friday will likely be Pizza again (not from the freezer, but from our favorite...Sal's!)

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oneof4dms said...

Yes, BLTs are a summer staple. I had a tomato sandwich just the other day! love it!