Sunday, August 8, 2010


So Avery did me a HUGE favor and slept in until 6:15am this morning instead of her usual 5:45am rise and shine call, what a darling huh? So we played this morning until Olivia and Brad woke up around 8:15am, Avery and I made delicious Blueberry Muffins for the rest of the family to enjoy.  I tried to resist considering they have about 210 calories each, so between the two I devoured I consumed 420+ calories.

As soon as we were all up and ready to start the day we all piled into the Honeywagon and set out for the Pocahontas State Park pool. The girls had a blast. It was nice going just the four of us. In fact this whole weekend has been nice, just the four of us. Brad is out riding his little heart out, while I enjoy a super dorky girl-movie Double Wedding on Lifetime with Tia and Tamara, you know the twins from Sister Sister. I love being able to kick back, go through the coupons and blog my little heart out while the girls "rest". (I hesitate to use the word nap because Olivia is chatting to herself and has yet to fall asleep).

This is going to be a busy week. Swimming Lessons, Car-Service Appointments, Doctor's Appointments and packing to get ready to go to the Beach. We leave bright and early on Saturday morning, I am looking forward to a week off and some quality time with my three favorite people.

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