Monday, August 23, 2010

Tear Jerker

Holy Smokes...did ya'll watch Army Wives last night? Good Grief, I was a blubbering mess for a full 60 minutes (well, not really 60 minutes because I DVR'd it, so it was more like 40 minutes). What a touching final episode, I had goosebumps for the entire episode. Spoiler Alert: How hot was Chase when he rescued Michael...I mean, come on people, what a hottie.

Off to work I go...back to the grind. But on a pleasant note, Avery woke up quietly around 6:25am and didn't actually wake-up, wake-up until closer to 6:45am, and she was a happy little girl this morning, she cuddled in my lap while I shopped the Lands End Overstocks for Olivia's 2011 Summer Wardrobe. What a bargain, I highly recommend you check it out, $5.99 for Cords...CHA-CHING. No need to shake the money tree if you can steal pants for $5.99, right? (Coupon Code: Parents PIN: 5071 - $10 Off order of $50 or More and Free Shipping).

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Jenni said...

I just made the mistake of watching AW during my lunch breat at work...Holy! I cried and cried happy tears!!! This was the best season finale cliffhangers. But they'll be back next year, right?!?!!