Sunday, August 1, 2010

A red bench...

Just what everyone needs in their entry way, right?

Do you think I should return the third basket, and just leave the two on the bottom shelf? I thought all three would fit, but no such luck, so I did what I could with the third, but I am not so sure, what do ya'll think?

Here is another view...

(In case you were wondering, that is my fancy hot pink planner in the basket)

(And this is what it looks like on a normal day when I am not taking pictures of it...bags EVERYWHERE)

(Picture Frame Molding in the Dining Room)

I wasn't sure if I had shared this yet, its been done for quite some time and I am madly in love with it

And just in case you were feeling bad about the state of affairs at your house this weekend, don't...just take a gander at what our house looks like after two little natural disasters make themselves at home.

(What a mess!)

(Their toy area was SPOTLESS last night before our dinner guests came over)

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The B's said...

Ok first of all... I love the red bench. So cute!! And what I love even more.... that bag that is on top!! :)