Wednesday, August 4, 2010


My neighbors Insley and Molly are saints. Last night we had planned to get together since Brad was out of town. I was dealing with a semi-life or death dress situation that caused me to spend 3+ hours on the phone with Macy's and the girls were crying their little eyes out....insert Insley and Molly. The garage door opened (they know the code), the house door opened (they let themselves in), the girls go running, I stay seated on the couch in desperation, and they make their way into the house.  Not only are they wonderful friends to me, but they are wonderful to the girls. They stepped right in, saw that I was about to have a complete melt-down and took the girls upstairs, helped them into their PJ's, helped them brush their teeth and then next thing I knew, Insley was reading to Olivia and Olivia was telling me that she didn't need me to read to her anymore, she had Miss Insley...

After the girls were down Insley, Molly and I made our way downstairs for a glass of wine and some quality girl gab time. Oh how I adore these ladies...they are saints in my eyes.

Note: Avery woke up screaming her chubby little snot covered face off around 9:10pm and was up until after 10pm. Ick.

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