Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I tried...I really did.

So I made it to Kohls, late and without Olivia ("I don't want to go shopping with you, I want my Daddy"), but what matters most is that I made it...A few things that would have been nice to know ahead of time.

1) Kohls Cash ended yesterday - so I lost out - big time.
2) When Jumping Beans has a sale like this, and it starts on Sunday, you best get your buns there on Sunday or Monday, because its slim pickings, especially in the 4-6X sizes.
3) What size Olivia wears...

So I ended up buying a few different sizes in the bottoms, I got a pair or two of leggings, two pairs of fleece pants, two pairs of jeans and three pairs of cords (they are the softest cords EVER, and I love that they don't have a real zipper and snap, with potty training that is a pain in the neck). But I am not married to any of them EXCEPT the cords and the brown leggings, so I am hoping those fit, the others are likely going back. And as for shirts...I really just isn't my style. Take a peek...

So I bought a few shirts, brought them home and had Brad vote on them...most of them are going back, but there were a few that made the cut, and lucky for me, the ones that I also bought for Avery are the ones that made the cut, so low and behold they will have at least one matching shirt for the Fall.

And since Kohls shares a parking lot with Target, and I couldn't resist, and thank the Lord I didn't try, the summer clearance is in full swing. I snatched up several bathing suits for Olivia for the next few summers $5.00 per suit, B-A-R-G-A-I-N. (Side Note: 9pm on a Wednesday is a FABULOUS time to shop at Target). I quickly ran through the other clearance section and found several adorable t-shirts and dresses for next summer, and hopefully the summer after that. And I realized, Target is much more my style...take a look.

So I think I might end up taking several of the Kohls pieces back and I am going to wait until Target brings out their Fall Long-Sleeve options and go from there, and of course there is the Molly-Leigh Outlet Shopping Trip planned for September-October that will hopefully fill in the gaps. And of course the big Lands End purchase should help too - lets hope Target comes through.

Now don't go thinking I am all down in the mouth about Kohls...sure, it didn't work out as well as I would have hoped for Olivia's Fall Wardrobe, HOWEVER, I found a dress I can wear to one of the two rehersal dinners I have coming up, and after trying on all my appropriate dresses and finding out that not a single one of them fits over this large and in charge bod, and after crying all the way home from my parents house (where my dresses are living these days), so I am PUMPED about the Kohls dress, its super aforable and cute. And Kohls has an amazing selection of jewlery as well, so there you have it. In a panic I ordered two dresses from JCrew the instant my tear stained face arrived home from my parents house after the dress trying on-none fitting debacle.

Here is one of the JCrew dresses

And here is the second one, but I ordered it in Brown

Who knows if they will fit - fingers crossed, but worst case, I have another option now, whereas earlier my pickings were S-L-I-M.

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