Monday, August 23, 2010

Bedtime Boo-Hoos

So Olivia has been struggling with started when we were at the beach, so we thought it was because Leah and Ellie were still awake and she was worried she would miss something. Then she started asking for her light to stay on, or the door to stay was something different every night, even at nap time we battled. And I am frustrated to report that it has continued since we arrived home. Tonight she cried her little eyes out for her Daddy, it broke my heart. Brad is in Northern Virginia, so we called him, she wanted to talk to him, but between her tears she couldn't even get a word out, poor thing. I am hoping its just a phase, she has always been so easy to put down...she stays in her bed (knocking on wood), so here's to hoping its a quick phase that is on its way out of town...

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