Thursday, August 12, 2010

B = Best, F = Friend, F = Forever

Excuse me looking GOD AWFUL...but how precious are Bethy and her kids? Sofia seems to be quite shy these days...HA. Austin is as handsome as ever, I can't believe I was there when he came into the world, looking at him now it just seems surreal to me, he just turned 9 years old last week. Where are my kids you ask? Well, of course they were at the table glued to their pizza and crazy bread...that whole eating healthy thing I blogged about yesterday...went on a brief hiatus tonight while we dined on pizza and crazy bread. Back to it tomorrow, of course.

Again...would someone SERIOUSLY help me become photogenic? What in the world is wrong with me? Isn't Bethy just a ray of sunshine? Beautiful Bethy. We have been BFF's since the dawn of time and plan to remain that way forever, even when we are in heaven, long after God makes me short and thin and her tall and chubby...HA! Note to all those taller, chubbier girls out there...if you are going to pick a BFF that is 5'2" and barely weighs 100lbs, make sure she is worth it and the best BFF around, because there are days you will want to ring her pretty little neck...she is precious isn't she though? I adore her. You guys will remember she was with me when Avery was born, and boy oh boy was I glad she was here, not just for the experience, but also for the "after-not-so-party" when Avery stutter stepped her way into the world, it was so great having her around to distract me and for the extra love and support. I am so blessed to have her in my life, everyone who is fortunate enough to call her your friend knows what I mean. And talk about the legit Mom of the Year...she is one for the books, those are two lucky kiddos she has there. And where is her darling husband Brad you might be wondering...well, he is at home, holding down the fort, bringing home the bacon...keeping our roads safe and sturdy, doing his thing...being the man of the house.

(Horrible I know, but you can totally see my foliage in this picture, I couldn't resist)

And yes, I think its super-duper cool that her husband's name is Brad too...funny story about that. My other BFF, Megs, dated a guy named Brad for a bit (she is probably ready to ring my neck for even telling this story), but I thought for sure it was a sign that she was going to marry him too since Beth and I were already married to Brad's...but nope, that wasn't meant to be, and for that I am super thankful, because the man she picked, just happens to be one of a kind, and absolutely perfect for her (and for me, he likes to talk just as much as I do, so we get along great, minus him being a Yankees fan of course).

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