Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy 18 Months Avery

Avery - 1 Week Old

Our little hippo is 18 months old, can you believe it? Where does the time go? Especially all that extra time she allows you to spend awake (at 5:30am)? I mean seriously people, how is she already 18 months old?

At 18 Months Old...

you love the beach...

you love your momma

you love Riley, and you happen to call all dogs Riley

you love to color and blow bubbles and can clearly ask to do both

you go to bed between 7pm and 8pm, usually around 7:30pm

you wake up around 5:30am, and lately have been waking up happy, and end up talking yourself back to sleep until closer to 6:30am

your two favorite words are "milk" and "nack" (aka Snack)

you love your PawPaw, you and he are buddies

you ask about "Lala" every morning and would run and beat down her door if we would let you

you give great kisses, and love to kiss "boo-boos"

We don't yet know how much you weigh, etc, your 18 Month Check up isn't for a few more weeks since we delayed your 15 Month Check up because you were sick.

Avery's Half Birthday Cupcakes for her "friends" at school

Olivia finishing her rendition of Happy Half Birthday Avery...with a big "Ta-Da"...can't you just hear it?
(yes, her dress does indeed appear a tad on the short side...note to self, stop dressing your 3 year old like a little hussy, or at the very least, stop capturing it on "film")

Olivia enjoying Avery's cupcakes...Avery had to miss out due to a severe diaper rash that required her to soak in the tubbie...poor darling, that is the last thing anyone wants to have on their Half Birthday...a sore bum.

Happy Half Birthday my Sweet Avery Girl...I love you to the moon and back.

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