Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Built-ins oh how I want thee

So we had our second contractor come over yesterday afternoon to give us a quote, and lets just say I started to drool on the poor man. Visions of cute little boxes and baskets all put on this earth to make me happy and keep the world an organized place danced in my head, and I got a little giddy. I dream of the day I can visit The Container Store in person and shop until my little hears content just to furnish the 4 built-in shelving units he is proposing.

A little something like this, but not really...if that makes any sense, these are clearly not built-in shelving units, but this is the idea I was talking about with boxes, etc. However I am fairly certain I won't be going with the Orange, White and Red color scheme.

And just to clarify/remind, the contractor, aka "Joe", is giving us a quote to close off a wall between our Dining Room and Formal Living, which is now the home to a Red Leather Club Chair, Riley's Doggie Condo, a large Easter Lily and a beautiful side table that I can't seem to find a permanent home for. So this room is going to need some serious work. He is also going to close off the main entry way into the Formal Living room by putting in a French Door and Transom over the French Door, the Transom is meant to keep the open floor plan feel and add some more light to the area. I can't wait to see how much this quote is going to be, likely it will break the bank, BUT it sounds oh so heavenly.

This is the desk we have in our home office right now, its on the 3rd floor of our house. This isn't what our home office looks like, this is a photo from Pottery Barn. The only thing I will likely want to change is, we currently have this chair...

I am likely going to want to change the look a little bit and make it a bit more cozy/cottage-y. We'll see what I come up with though and we will likely only get rid of the chair if we can sell it for a great price, because it just about broke the bank when we procured it. We'll see though, who knows what I will want to do with the room or what I will be able to do with the room, if the quote breaks the bank there won't be any additional purchasing going on...if you know what I mean jelly bean.

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