Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Such a big girl...

Olivia had her 3 Year Check-Up yesterday morning...her and I took our time getting ready in the morning and then set out for Chippenham Peds to see our favorite Dr. S. Olivia ran right down the hall when they called her name, no fear....the trick will be to see if that continues now that she might be old enough to remember that Doctor's visits sometimes mean pin pricks, etc.  The nurse commented that she was on the older side, meaning she was surprised she wasn't already afraid. Who knows, I was terrified of shots until I was like 20 years old, my Dad used to have to invite our family friends over for dinner (the wife was an RN) so she could give me a shot or two...what a wimp eh?

Olivia was in full blown "Show Off Mode" for Dr. S. She was growling and making strange noises with her mouth the entire time. Dr. S asked Olivia several questions...this is how the conversation went:

Dr. S - "What is your name?"

Olivia - Olivia Turner

Dr. S - How old are you?

Olivia - Three

Dr. S - Are you a boy or a girl?

Olivia - A girl

Mommy - Is Daddy a boy or a girl? (but she thought I said where is Daddy)

Olivia - Daddy is at work

Mommy - No, is Daddy a boy or a girl

Olivia - Oh...he's a boy.

Dr. S - You are so smart....

Dr. S - Are you drinking lots of milk?

Olivia - No, I like Juice (which is just pure comedy since she drinks juice less than once a week and loves milk)

Dr. S - Are you eating your fruits and veggies?

Olivia - No, I like Chocolate

(Is she kidding me right now? Am I on candid camera)

A few more questions like that later and we had moved onto the physical exam...Olivia weighed in at 37lbs and measured 38.5 inches in length/height. That puts her in the 75-90% for Height and the 95% for Weight. Dr. S didn't comment on her weight, just said she was perfect, but we have been talking about it and we are going to focus on healthier meal options and snacks, we have to stay away from the easy, fast, unhealthy Last night was grilled chicken and tonight was meatloaf...the longer we can hold off on the Mac n Cheese, Grilled Cheese and Chicken Nuggets the better...

I asked Dr. S about testing Olivia's Iron levels since Brad and I are both very low these days, Olivia was clearly not thrilled about that finger prick, you would have thought someone had tried to take her beating heart out of her chest with those screams, I finally looked at her and said "Does it really hurt that bad?", and she said "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS". I just laughed. Mom of the Year Her Iron levels came back fine, which is great if we could only figure out what is going on with Brad and I. I go see my PCP tomorrow afternoon for a follow up, we will see the levels are looking now...

Tomorrow afternoon I am in for a real treat. My BFF Beth and her little ones are driving down to Jacksonville, NC with some friends and their little boy, so they are stopping here for a very quick visit tomorrow afternoon. I can't wait to see them, and I am so excited for Austin and Sofia, this is their first big trip, so fun!

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