Monday, August 30, 2010

Spring Chicken? I think NOT

Annapolis, Maryland
Friday Morning around 8am I picked up Linds and we merged onto the always busy 95N, in route to Annapolis, Maryland to celebrate Allison's Bachelorette Weekend. We arrived in Annapolis around 2pm (we stopped in Alexandria to pick up several other ladies), just in time for drinks on the dock, and lunch at Pussers Grill. The food was good, but the Dock Bar was FABULOUS, I love Annapolis.

A short walk from our house

Our house...sleeps 6 total, but not this weekend, it slept 10!

Very appropriate - "B" for BACHELORETTE

Then we all headed over to the house we rented for the weekend, socialized and enjoyed some spirits, and by spirits, I mean SEVERAL bottles of...
Heather prepared the Mexican Shrimp Cocktail Appetizer for us and then made some Lime Chicken Soft Tacos for dinner - delicious. Allison and I sat up on the deck and talked for hours while the other girls caught some zzzz's. I slept in a closet on a mattress...funny, but oddly comfortable.

The girls

The house had two bedrooms and we had ten girls - we had to get creative. Saturday Morning we took our time getting up and moving, and then all spent the day on a private beach, I got a crazy amount of sun and had a great time just relaxing and gabbing with the ladies.

The view from our private beach...

Saturday Night we got all decked out and grabbed cabs, destination - downtown Annapolis for 7:30pm dinner reservations.

Dinner took a long, long time and it was basically 10pm by the time we walked into our first bar. We had a great night of celebrating and dancing. But man oh man, I am OLD. I got about 4 hours of sleep Saturday night and had to drive home Sunday morning feeling less than "with it".

The "Bride to Be" and Indira

A few of the other ladies...

Brad had already put the girls down for their nap by the time I got home, so I was able to rest a bit and gear up for our neighbors (Madison) 3rd Birthday Party (Princess Theme).
Allison had to salute every time we saw a sailor...

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